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Who are we ?

Whatever the season, whatever the weather, the inn is first and foremost the home of a man and a woman who have chosen to work differently.

They are your hosts, may even become your friends once you enter into their world. The door is almost always open.

They only expect that you abide by the house rules, and its rhythms.

They listen keenly to your every wish provided they know how to or feel like trying something different with you, so, they should be able to say yes !


From an early age, Matthieu has always admired the culinary qualities of his mother and grandmothers, real blue cords, who also knew how to convey to him the refinement of receiving around a convivial table. Very quickly, he even busied himself with the stove and the table service.

Always available in associations or for events, it privileges the listening, the advice, the satisfaction and the well-being of its hosts. Its envy of always: a country inn, to make continue these traditions and their values, in a place that lends itself so much.


Catherine grew up in a family pension created by her parents, where mummy, tasty preparations, took care of the house and the reception. Dad guided customers in the surrounding mountains, gathering herbs and wild fruits or mushrooms, he accompanied them to make bread in the dough and oven of the farm of his grandparents ..

It is not surprising, therefore, that she often thought of doing the same: following a training course in Creating a Business in Rural Tourism, a practical internship in a Bed and Breakfast in Savoie, she was able to familiarize herself with the organization Of a kitchen in several restaurants chambériens (Restaurant la Frégate, in Lake Bourget, Traiteur l'Essentiel in Chambéry, Restaurant l'Annexe in Tresserve).

To cook, to look for original or traditional dishes revisited, to receive, to meet, to share: it is undoubtedly one of the things that attract him most in his life with the decoration.

Matthieu Catherine